Get Do-It-For-Me Success For Your Smart Home Systems

Complete Smart Home Solutions for Lighting, Entertainment, Networking, and Security

Home Networking

Make dead spots on your network  thing of the past

Music everywhere

Listen to your favorite awesome music everywhere

Clear the air

The heart of every smart home is the network infrastructure. Engineered, purpose-built Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking solutions that won’t let you down.

See the light

With intelligent task lighting, automated lamps, and even adjustable color temperatures that match your mood or energy see your home in a new light.

Eyes In the back of your head

Surveillance Cameras keep close watch on your home with live viewing and round-the-clock 24×7 recording with easy to use mobile and web software

Lighting Controls

Put every dimmer and lamp within your grasp

Heating and cooling

A/C control is now a breeze!

belt and suspenders

 You’re not home alone with a la carte, fixed price, or prepaid concierge support plans that match your needs for rapid expert assistance.

Security Cameras

See around corners, driveways, and every inch of your property

Voice Control

Control your Smart Home as easily as holding a conversation

We are very pleased with the Lutron Lighting Project that Robert Spivack designed and installed for us in our beach house remodel. The system works well and is easy to understand and use. We chose designer specialty fixtures and the system works perfectly with them.

Karen and Walter L

Konrad W

The consultations were excellent! Robert took nothing for granted, building a foundation of knowledge bit by bit and sharing his wealth of experience and industry insight. What we really appreciated most was his ability to explain complex-seeming material in easy to understand ways.

DoItForMe.Solutions has been a lifesaver to help me know what solutions are practical for my residence and also cost effective for my checkbook. Their service helps you take a very complex world of technology and break it down into the meaningful pieces that will enable you to enjoy your home more without breaking the bank.

Robert M

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