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Mankind’s greatest invention was the discovery of fire. The first multi-tasking solution that provided heat for warmth & cooking and light for working.

Our earlier ancestors may have started controlling fire over a million years ago, but most of us are still struggling to tame the common family room lamp.

Let us retro-fit your home with smart lighting. Now you can not just flip the light switch, but become it’s master. We’re now light years ahead of just turning a light on or off by taking your smartphone out of your pocket.

Totally automate your lights to do your bidding. Use your voice to turn them on or set the exact dimming level you want. Control one or one hundred lights with a single command – how’s that for lighting up your life!

Go beyond lighting control to full automation. Your lights can do your bidding totally on their own without lifting a finger. Lights on a half-hour before sunset; Lights off when you leave the house – like magic. Set the mood in your family room or home theater exactly to your liking with a single voice command or click on a handheld wireless switch.

We’ll work with you to determine the best combination of controls for your personal life style: In-wall designer dimmers, handheld wireless switches, hands-free voice activation, or fully automatic schedules and actions — you can have it all!

Lighting automation and smart home lighting resources

DoItForMe.Solutions articles

Smart lighting costs how much?

Don’t ask, don’t tell Smart lighting costs are usually a mystery. You know the old saying “If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it”? That seems to be what you face when trying to figure out the acutal cost of installing lighting automation. A lot of sales...

Smart lighting controls stuck in neutral?

Crossing the neutral zone Smart lighting controls remind me of classic Star Trek folklore. The Neutral Zone was a buffer area in space measuring one light year in width that separated the United Federation of Planets from the Romulans. Crossing the Neutral Zone was...

Lutron dimmer – Secret settings convert to a switch

You say Lutron switches, I say Lutron dimmers - no cheating! Previously, I’ve written about the difference between a Lutron dimmer and a Lutron switch used to control lights. I’ve also mentioned secret manufacturer codes that can be used to reset many smart home...

Dimmer or switch; Switch or dimmer?

In deference to Louis Armstrong “You like dimmer and I like switch Dimmer, switch, Switch, dimmer. Let’s turn the whole thing off” That thing we use to control our lights - is it a switch or a dimmer? “Hey Robert, check out the cool smart switches I want to install”...

Afraid to install smarthome products?

Wyze smartLEDs Are you afraid of smarthome systems? Try this easy starter kit When I first started installing smarthome products, I was! You might find that home automation systems seem complicated, expensive and scary. You have to make choices about which eco-system...

Secrets Of Voice Controlled Lighting

The Challenge with Big Lighting Systems Having recently completed a major project for a client (installing a lighting automation system with a large number of dimmers and switches), I was confronted with figuring out an optimal configuration for voice control options....

Back To Basics: DIY 3-Way Lights

Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? With apologies to Rod Stewart, this week I am not writing about cool new gadgets or control systems.  I’m going back to basics to describe one of the most common smart home projects. This solves a real problem and is easy to implement....

Are Your Smart Bulbs Making Your Smart Home Dumb?

Smart Bulbs are dumb! Yeah, I just did the unthinkable for a tech consultant - I stated a clear-cut opinion that just might rub some people the wrong way.  I don’t like to be confrontational, so I try to steer clear of controversial positions that might offend or...

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Is your house dark when you arrive home? If you have landscape lighting to make your home look more appealing and to light up the way to your front door in the evening, it doesn’t really work if the lights are off when you arrive. Landscape lighting may look sexy, but...

Compatibility and usage guides for LED lights

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Color temperature of residential lighting – Good explanation with examples