Recommended Products

The products available for the smart home are continuously changing

Every week you can read about new products that are exciting and sound like the ideal solution.

But can you read about the problems, limitations, tech support issues, compatibility challenges, and other details necessary for a successful system?

Unfortunately, that information is difficult to obtain. You can read online product reviews, but who can you trust? Many reviewers are sent products for free so is their review unbiased?

Do you really want to watch another YouTube “unboxing” video? (Why do all these kids think other people want to watch them take a product out of the shipping box and unwrap it? Are we all that bored or stupid?)

Many reviewers have only used the product for a few minutes and then it’s off to the next big thing. A true in-depth review takes much more time and effort.

Let me cut to the chase – I don’t review products, I torture test them. Every product I recommend and install for my clients has been used for weeks and months by myself first. My laboratory is my own home – not a synthetic isolated workbench.

When you have me help you with your smart home projects, you are gaining the advantage of my experience. I’m not smarter or more clever, I just invest the hours and hours of effort to slug through the marketing bs, wait on the tech support telephone lines, post on the public support forums, or wait for emails to be answered to figure everything out – so you don’t have to.

For help and advice in selecting the right solution for your smart home, contact me and I’ll help craft a specific solution just for you.