Sonos Voice Control – the exclusive missing manual
Sonos Voice Control

Quick overview of Sonos Voice Control

Sonos Voice Control is a 100% local, privacy-focused smart assistant from Sonos.

The Sonos Voice Assistant controls all Sonos wireless smart speakers with a built-in microphone.

Make music requests, adjust volume, skip songs, group and ungroup speakers, and more.

Full capability on Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet networks; basic voice controls still work on Bluetooth anywhere.

A completely free service provided as a software upgrade / download with no cost or monthly subscription fees.

The Missing Manual for Sonos Voice Control

Here’s some tips and a summary of all the features of Sonos Voice Control

Most commands have synonyms and equivalent words that do the same thing.

Most commands can be shortened by talking less conversational

You can combine commands together with a follow-up mode by giving several commands quickly.

Sonos Voice Control quick links – skip to the section you need

Playing music, radio, or radio stations
Controlling playback
Volume controls
Grouping and ungrouping music


Music library management

Home theater controls

Bluetooth mode

Playing music, radio, or radio stations

Hey Sonos, play some music
Hey Sonos, play something
Hey Sonos, play something relaxing
Hey Sonos, play 90s music
Hey Sonos, play Pat Benatar
Hey Sonos, play Apple Music radio
Hey Sonos, play KMEL
Hey Sonos, play 88.5
Hey Sonos, play Watercolors on XM
Hey Sonos, play Lady Gaga on Spotify
Hey Sonos, play something like Beatles

Controlling playback

Hey Sonos, pause
Hey Sonos, stop the music
Hey Sonos, resume
Hey Sonos, fast forward
Hey Sonos, skip ahead
Hey Sonos, skip
Hey Sonos, rewind
Hey Sonos, go back a bit
Hey Sonos, play from the beginning
Hey Sonos, next track
Hey Sonos, play previous track
Hey Sonos, go back
Hey Sonos, restart this song
Hey Sonos, turn shuffle on
Hey Sonos, repeat this album

Volume controls

Hey Sonos, volume up
Hey Sonos, volume down
Hey Sonos, volume 40%
Hey Sonos, volume 3
Hey Sonos, turn it up
Hey Sonos, turn it down
Hey Sonos, mute
Hey Sonos, unmute
Hey Sonos, volume up in the bedroom
Hey Sonos, volume up in the lounge only
Hey Sonos, louder…louder
Hey Sonos, play a little quieter
Hey Sonos, play lullaby very quietly

Grouping and ungrouping music

Hey Sonos, play Smooth Jazz on the patio
Hey Sonos, move the music here
Hey Sonos, move the music to the kitchen
Hey Sonos, group the patio and backyard
Hey Sonos, remove this room from the group
Hey Sonos, play here too
Hey Sonos, play here instead
Hey Sonos, group living room and bedroom
Hey Sonos, stop the music in the patio and play it in the office


Hey Sonos, what can you do?
Hey Sonos, what time is it?
Hey Sonos, what song is this?
Hey Sonos, what’s playing?
Hey Sonos, what’s the battery level?
Hey Sonos, how much battery is left on Roam?

Music library management (depends on music service)

Hey Sonos, like this track
Hey Sonos, I don’t like this track
Hey Sonos, add this track to my library
Hey Sonos, save this album
Hey Sonos, remove this song from you collection
Hey Sonos, add this song to my party playlist

Home theater controls

Hey Sonos, turn the TV on
Hey Sonos, turn on Speech Enhancement in the family room
Hey Sonos, turn on night sound
Hey Sonos, switch to tv mode
Hey Sonos, go back to tv audio

Bluetooth mode

When not on your Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet home network

Hey Sonos, pause the music
Hey Sonos, unpause
Hey Sonos, increase volume
Hey Sonos, decrease volume
Hey Sonos, mute
Hey Sonos, unmute
Hey Sonos, next track
Hey Sonos, previous rack
Hey Sonos, restart the track
Hey Sonos, check battery level

What’s your favorite Sonos Voice Control command? Found something new that Sonos Voice Control can do? Let us know!

I’ve published an introduction to Sonos Voice Control and my thoughts on how it compares to Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

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