Sonos diagnostics – secret web menu
Sonos web interface

Sonos diagnostics are built into every Sonos device has in a tiny web server.. If you know the network IP address of any Sonos device on your local network, it’s easy to bring up this secret diagnostic web menu with any browser.

Just point your web browser to one of the following IP addresses:

Status and Management (Overall status menu) (Restart the device) (General Unix style tools)

Wi-Fi settings (region selection for Wi-Fi) (temporary disable Wi-Fi) (permanently disable Wi-Fi) (re-enable Wi-Fi)

Device List and Signal Strength Matrix

The last line, “Network Matrix” is the grand prize for Sonos diagnostics.

Click on that to see a checkerboard matrix that shows you the Wi-Fi signal strength between each of your Sonos devices from the perspective of each device.

It can be a little intimidating to understand, but it it color coded and you can search online for additional help to interpret all the information.

Sonos signal strength matrix

How to understand IP addresses (

Replace with the IP address of one of your devices. This will vary depending upon your network configuration and how IP addresses are assigned.

If your network router assigns IP addresses dynamically using DHCP, a typical range might start with for the router and then,, 192.168.4, etc for all. your local devices up to

If your Sonos ARC soundbar is you would enter the following into your browser to access the secret menu:

Be sure and use “http://” and not the newer “https://”. Many devices with built-in web servers like this don’t support the newer secure https protocol. (The risk is minimal because these devices are local to your own network.)

Don’t be in a hurry and type just the device address like “” figuring you can navigate from there. You won’t get any response in your browser and you’ll be tempted to think you have the wrong address.

If you don’t know the network address of your devices, you’ll need to either pop into the web browser or smartphone management app for your own router or use an app that can scan your network and identify most devices giving you their name, device type, and IP address.

Here’s a few local network scanners that are easy to use.

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